Looking to update your fence?  Follow these simple steps.

1. Choose a Type of Fence

• Privacy Fence

Privacy Fence Example

Privacy Fence Example

• Post and Rail Fence

3 or more rail Post and Rail Fence. The rails must be at least 2×6.

Post and Rail example

Post and Rail example

• Split-Rail

3 or more rail

Split Rail Example

Split Rail Example

2. Choose a wood

Fences must be made of wood, not plastic, and not metal. If you build a chain-link fence, you will be asked to remove it.

3. Choose a contractor and decide how the fence will be built

Most fence construction details other than the general type and material are up to you and your contractor, but the following statement describes a fence that will be approved by the ACC and will be of good quality:

“I want a 3 rail post-and-rail fence with four-foot high 4×4 posts, 6 feet apart, made of pressure-treated lumber, and 2×6 cedar rails. The posts must have concrete footings.”

4. Then get approval

Submit a request to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to approve your fence by filling out the following form.

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