From time to time requests are made for roofing materials other than the approved cedar shake roofing.  The Board has reviewed the research material and will approve roofing material that meets the following criteria:


Asphalt Sample

1.Three-layer laminated fiberglass,
a minimum of 340 lb. per square





Aluminum sample

2. Wood grain, modular interlocking
shingles in aluminum or steel.




We believe that roofing materials with these specifications are a high quality substitute for cedar shakes and will maintain the value and appearance of the homes in Brook Trails.  It will still be necessary to receive ACC approval for anything other than cedar shake roofing material.  Please provide the form and a letter to the Architectural Control Committee stating the material you wish to use and providing confirmation that it qualifies per above. If you cannot provide that confirmation, then you will need to provide a sample of the roofing. Please email/send your form and letter, and be prepared to provide a roofing sample if required.